Tony Routledge

Corporate Security Consultant, experienced Physical and Personnel Security practitioner. Innovative Security and Crisis Management solutions.

I help organizations solve security issues, make savings in their security budgets, bring innovative and pragmatic solutions to meet the business goals.

Following a 29 year career in the Intelligence Corps I joined the Private Sector, working in Telecoms with T-Mobile and Vodafone, as Director of Security at Computer Associates and in the Travel industry where I was the Head of Corporate Security for Travelport International. Over the last 15 years I have developed strategies and worked to improve the overall level of security in companies through Risk assessment and mitigation.

I have introduced modern solutions enabling companies to deliver a safe working environment for employees working in the office, at home or when travelling on business. I have used smarter technology and cost-effective solutions to deliver higher levels of security which has protected employees, assets, brand and reputation.

My extensive experience within the Armed Forces and in a variety of multi-national companies, has given me a unique insight into how emerging technologies can be utilised to protect organizations and the people who work for them.

I now act as a Security Management Consultant.

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